Artists, Lisa Lucas and CJ Ballou have been working together for over 25 years as award winning graphic designers, fine artists, illustrators, and college instructors. Shirl Lucas has an inspired eye. She is a talented floral designer and has been skillfully crafting textiles for many years. She brings a subtle sense of whimsy to the Heartfelt Couture Collections.
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Lisa, CJ, and Shirl are now focusing their considerable art and design skills on their signature style of fashion. They have become mesmerized by the magical process of combining fine natural fibers with pure silk, this process is known as nuno felting. Unlike traditional felt, nuno felt is lightweight and drapes beautifully.
Lisa and CJ have taken this art to an entirely new level by working with the upscale fibers, such as cashmere. Most nuno textile artists work exclusively with merino wool which is a very soft and luxurious fiber, the addition of cashmere and other high-end fibers creates nuance not found elsewhere. Their own adaptation of the art allows Lisa and CJ to design amazing garments that combine transparency with sensuous texture, unusual characteristics, facets and dimension.
Working in the “off the grid” studio located on CJ’s 1,600 acre horse ranch in beautiful Butte Valley, California, surrounded by majestic butte rock formations and graceful equines, there are constant sources of inspiration. However, don’t expect these fashions to be too earthy—the designs are elegant, graceful, and luxurious, suitable for weddings and special occasions but, can also be paired with your favorite jeans. Perfect for a walk down the aisle or a walk on the beach.
Their environmentally low impact production finds the artists experimenting with natural dyes, such as botanicals, teas, and even wine.

They use only the finest natural fibers collected from willing and pampered animals.
Lisa Lucas
Connie (CJ) Ballou